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Steven C. Scheer

"Hungarian by birth, American by citizenship, human being by choice." For years now I have been using this witticism when introducing myself to people I have just met. So (I suppose) it's appropriate for me to use it here, too.

The autobiographical impulse is a dangerous commodity because we all love to talk about ourselves. I hope I shall manage to exercise proper restraint. Suffice it to say that I came to the United States at the ripe old age of 18 back in the prehistoric year of 1959. My mother and I lived in New York City for a while. Then in Cleveland, Ohio, where I was soon (too soon?) married. After graduating from John Carroll University with a B.A. (magna cum laude) in 1967 and an M.A. in 1968, my wife and I moved to Baltimore, Maryland, where I attended graduate school at the Johns Hopkins University, where I earned a Ph.D. in English in 1974, two years after completing my studies there and just about the same number of years after getting divorced.

In the fall of 1972 I assumed my first full-time teaching position at Saint Meinrad College in Southern Indiana. There I stayed until the place - alas! - closed after the 1997-98 school year. By that time I had also put in just about 20 years of part-time teaching at the University of Southern Indiana. In the mid 90s I had the pleasure of teaching for a few years in the Liberal Studies Program at the University of Evansville as well.

All this time I did many of the things professors usually do. I read papers at conferences and delivered invited lectures. I also published a handful of essays and two books. The first of these was a monograph on a Hungarian novelist (Kálmán Mikszáth) published by the Twayne World Authors Series (now out of print these many years), while the second (Pious Impostures and Unproven Words) is still in print. Amazon.com has it as well as Barnes & Noble online (can one be "famous" any more without being there?). has it, too, of course. Though it's fairly expensive, as academic books tend to be.

At the time Saint Meinrad College closed (though I was already in my late 50s), I decided to take a gamble and start a brand new career. I have been writing all my life and (had I not found a true vocation in teaching as well) would perhaps have been a writer to begin with. Well, life has now given me a chance to realize the dream of my youth, so here I am at the age of 60 writing up a storm.

The first wind from this storm (sorry, I just couldn't resist this follow-up of the storm metaphor) is the recently published Hollywood Values samples of which are available on this Web site as well as intructions on how and where to buy it (should you be interested). Writing this book was a labor of love, but then this is true of whatever I decide to write about.

That just about brings me up-to-date. It's amazing how quickly and with what few words a whole life-time can be summed up. The above is, of course, a rather superficial litany of the most salient facts of my life. It doesn't even come close to touching the challenge, the romance of it all. The loves that have come and gone. The loves that still be. You can probably find out much more about me just by reading some of the samples of my work on this Web site. I shall keep at it. And one day in the not too distant future, we might just meet in a bookstore somewhere.

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