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A Brief Summay

Steven C. Scheer

Prior to the publication of Hollywood Values, a full treatment of City of Angels (1998) appeared on this site as an example of a work in progress. My analysis of this movie is part of a chapter entitled "Hollywood Falls in Love." The movie is based - loosely - on the German Wings of Desire (Der Himmel über Berlin) (1987). It deals with the angelic envy of the human by means of an interesting story involving a doctor (atheistic to begin with) who eventually falls in love with the angel who "falls" into humanity for her sake.

In addition to telling an interesting (and other-worldly) love story, City of Angels is chock full of intriguing theological implications, not the least of which is the traditional idea of the so-called Great Chain of Being, according to which angels, though "superior" to humans, lack something that humans have: an ability to learn and experience new things, an ability to feel the pleasures of the physical world, and - above all - the ability to fall in love.

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