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A Brief Summary

Steven C. Scheer

Prior to the publication of Hollywood Values, a full treatment of The Verdict (1982) was available on this site as an example of a work in progress. My analysis of this movie, starring Paul Newman, is part of a chapter entitled "Hollywood Fights for Justice." The movie itself is an interesting case, broadly speaking, of the biblical adage concerning the letter vs. the spirit of the law.

More specifically, it is an example of "jury nullification" (which can either be a good or a bad thing, depending on a given case) - that is, a case where (in order to administer true justice) the jury overlooks the legalities of the case in question and gives a verdict it deems just in spite of the law. This movie explores the profound idea that the law isn't always just, that sometimes true justice can be in conflict with it, can be undermined by it.

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